Unblock drains Reigate & Redhill

Unblock drains in Reigate & Redhill

We unblock drains in both Reigate and Redhill and surrounding areas using industry standard high pressure water jetting equipment maintained and serviced to manufacturers guidelines for your safety. Cleaning a pipe is not just a matter of turning on a machine at high pressure which can damage a pipe if used incorrectly. We are all experienced and careful when cleaning the sewer pipes.

To clean a blocked sewer pipe in Reigate and Redhill we usually need to open a nearby manhole which may be on your property or next door. This allows us to wash out pipe blocks up and down the sewer system.

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Pipe blockages in Reigate and Redhill can be caused by anything from baby wipes to fat - the famous fatbergs - and the high pressure water jet can catch and break these away. If larger tankers are required, we can organise these upon request but these are rarely need for private houses.

For Preventative Drain Maintenance in Reigate & Redhill we can design a customised plan to inspect and clean drains on a regular basis; this is typically with a commercial customer or a hotel.

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